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Global Voyager Assistance

Travel Assistance and Third Party Administration

Travel Assistance and Third Party Administration

Travel Assistance

GVA was first established in 1998 in Cyprus by Costas Danilenko, present CEO of the GVA Group of companies. Early March 2022 GVA cut ties with the Moscow based Russian Alarm Centre because of the intervention in Ukraine. Today thanks to the presence of these two alarm centres in two different jurisdictions Ukraine and Bulgaria combined with a carefully selected network of agents in 13 of the FSU independent states (including Ukraine with exclusion of Russia and Belorussia) as well as in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Mongolia,  GVA is able to offer a unique and entire coverage of the whole region regardless of any geo-political situation.

GVA works as a correspondent for many major assistance and insurance partners when they are in need for a local expertize for servicing their clients. All GVA Doctors and Coordinators speak English fluently. More than 10 other languages are spoken by our team members.

GVA as an independent assistance company can refer a patient to a clinic or a medical professional that would be the best local choice in the given medical situation. Within two decades of activity, the GVA Network Department has created a worldwide network of 25 000 providers including 10000 providers in the region we do cover. The network includes both government and private medical facilities, dental centres, ambulances and pharmacies. GVA arrange cashless services through direct billing.

GVA Doctors can evaluate the appropriateness of treatment and assess the need for medical transportation (evacuation or repatriation). GVA’s professional coordination of any case enables the final payer to have a comprehensive understanding of events.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

GVA handles payment of medical claims for members/policyholders to doctors, clinics and hospitals for Travel Insurance and International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) programmes. We have developed efficient and fast ways of settling medical claims (payments) for our customers. Our unique approach allows us to choose alternative and cost efficient healthcare providers in the FSU for the TI and IPMI clients of GVA.

GVA’s specialized Claims Handling Department has professional in-house expertise to assess medical claims from any facility in any region. Our claim adjusters make sure that invoices for our patients clearly show the breakdown of the medical services provided, whilst the Doctor’s assessment verifies that the billing is in consistency with the diagnosis and the patient’s medical history. With the ability to settle payments in 30 different world currencies, GVA is the ideal and transparent partner for both Travel Insurance and IPMI.

Medical Bills Cost Containment and Fraud Investigation

GVA is focused on minimizing the medical costs in USA; and whenever medically possible, GVA make arrangements with Walk-in Clinics delivering urgent care to avoid highly-priced emergency rooms in hospitals. In cases where a patient is admitted to hospital, GVA remotely monitors their condition and obtains medical reports from the treating doctor; as well as controlling the costs generated by the hospital. Our GVA doctors assess medical bills both in regard of procedures and items’ costs and undertake cost containment in USA and/or other regions.

As well as monitoring instances of inflated costs, GVA is involved in investigation of suspicious medical bills. To combat against medical scams GVA has set up an in–house Fraud Investigation Department (FID) staffed with a lawyer, doctors and with access to specialists with intelligence background.

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