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Medical Support for Sites and Events

Medical Support for Sites and Events

Medical Staffing for Remote Projects and Cruise Liners

Companies in oil & gas, construction, cruise shipping and other industries whose activities involve running a project on-site often consider a requirement for medical staff based on-site (ICU doctors, GP, paramedics, nurses). Such staff should be capable of providing first aid and primary care to the personnel working on the project and to the passengers or the crew on a ship.

These doctors and/or nurses can also arrange medical transportation and hospitalization in case of an accident, injury or sudden illness of the staff working on the project.

An on-site mobile clinic may be recommended for projects with a significant number of personnel based in remote locations.

Clinic/First Aid Unit – Design and Management

Companies performing large industrial projects can provide safe conditions for personnel on the work site by using on-site mobile clinics (first aid units) and trained medical personnel. The key factors determining the need of a site clinic are the remoteness of the project from a major city and availability of medical facilities and infrastructure in the area.

The provision of medical units at factories and other industrial projects, even if they are located close to major cities, has also become a standard practice. Such medical units secure provision of first aid emergency response as well as monitoring the compliance of hygiene and sanitary standards at the factory or project.

Professional risks are another factor which should be taken into consideration when designing a particular format for a site clinic.

GVA can design and manage your on-site clinic and provide medical staffing.

Medical Support for the Events

Event managers, organizers of concerts or sport competitions or any other happening involving the presence of sizable crowd cannot ignore the necessity to provide viable medical care. GVA can assess the needs for both primary and emergency healthcare and find the adequate solution that will give the organizer peace of mind.

Before Crimea occupation GVA Black Sea provided medical services for Kazantipe festival.

KaZantip, also known simply as «Z» (nothing to do with today fascist connotation of this letter), was the major electronic dance music festival that took place every year from 1992 to 2013 on the Crimean Peninsula.  GVA used to base a mobile clinic unit and an ambulance during  The entrance ticket is called a «viZa». It takes place for 2–3 weeks in August, and about 100,000 «paradiZers» visit each year. There is a cult of orange-coloured fashion and yellow suitcases associated with the festival.

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