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Remote Medical Services (RMS)

Dozens of countries have committed to support Ukraine through what is expected to be a long and expensive recovery, and agreed on the need for broad reforms to boost transparency and battle corruption.

Wrapping up a two-day conference in the southern Swiss city of Lugano on July 5, leaders from some 40 countries signed on to the Lugano Declaration, laying out a set of principles for rebuilding Ukraine.

Those major industrial reconstruction project because of all the work hazards they contain will require the back up of an adequate medical environment. This kind of expertise can be provided by the GVA Group of companies that has a thorough experience working in such projects such with the EBRD Chernobyl (Shelter Implementation Plan), Shell Donbass project till 2014 invasion and General Electric windmill in the Odessa region to name a few. 

Medical services are provided for engineering, industrial and large construction projects that are located in remote areas and that are in need of medical expertise and services in the field. It has become an international standard when a significant industrial project is forecasted, to assess the environmental, sanitary and health risks; then to develop a protocol with recommendations of adequate healthcare measures for on-site and for Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP) for employees, partners and subcontractors. In order to assess the existing hazards and specifics of a given region, our doctors often perform an “on-site survey” which is a type of medical audit of a particular location resulting in a written protocol with recommendations to be considered.

GVA Group of companies provide with:

  • Set up and operation of modular medical units (mobile clinics) at remote sites
  • 24-hour medical support and guidance for on-site staff
  • Supply of medications, disposables and medical equipment
  • Provision of ancillary services including hygiene monitoring
  • Quality control, operational procedures (including designing of medical evacuation procedures)
  • On-site surveys
  • Environmental and industrial health risk assessment and management (HSE)
  • Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)
  • Occupational health
  • Provision of First Aid and Advanced Life Support training courses
  • Recruitment services, outsourcing (providing of highly qualified medical staff matching the specific requirements for working on a remote project and/or at a base camp)

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