Global Voyager Assistance Program of reconstruction of Ukraine

Global Voyager Assistance

About Company

About Company


Global Voyager Assistance was first established in 1998 in Cyprus. GVA used to operate with numerous 24H alarm centers such in Antalya, Hurghada, Moscow and Odessa providing medical assistance for travelers insured by Eastern European insurers, (this tourist activity that was the core business till 2010 when the company started diversification) and acting as correspondent for numerous international  assistance companies and IPMI in independent countries of the former Soviet Union as well as in Mongolia and the Balkan.  After 23 years of collaboration because of invasion of Ukraine on the 24 Febuary 2022, GVA group of companies had to cut financial and capitalistic tie with the Russian office.


The company has a medical worldwide network having in its data base more than 25 000 providers (Hospital, clinic, GP, Ground ambulance). GVA has been part of the IAG network since 2000. This association allows us to be able to activate partners in nearly 120 locations and rely on a qualified staff of 7500 persons. The alarm centers are located in Varna and Odessa and  operate 24H/7. Our financial and administration centre is located in Cyprus.

GVA is one of the European leader in providing medical escort worldwide (ICU Physicians, nurse and paramedic) as well a provider of medical team for air ambulance mission. It can rely on a pool of Doctors based in Europe (Eastern, western and Central Europe), Africa and Asia gathering securing with the passport  and the visas they hold entrance to 175 countries (even the unfriendly ). All Physicians completing mission for GVA are covered under malpractice insurance secured at the LLOYDS market. GVA provide telemedicine services for the merchant marine and act as a Third Party Administrator in numerous jurisdiction including cost containment services, Global Voyager is as well involved in the provision of remote medical services (medical engineering). Among  projects managed by GVA let s mention medicalization of the sarcophagi reconstruction in Chernobyl financed by The EBRD, windmill in Eastern Ukraine for Siemens, medical management for gaz project for Shell in the Donbass (before 2014).

COVID and War

The 2 years of COVID did not hurt so much the activity of GVA. Thanks to change of medical crew (with different passport and visa) protocols GVA was among thefew able to provide a full bed to bed bring patient back home from various continents. In reality even if the travel activity was close to nil, the provision of escort nearly doubled during this period.

The Odessa did not stopped its operation on February 24, 2022. The on duty shifts are operating manly from home. In March GVA decided in order to secure a contengency plan to secure a alarm centre in  Varna in case the situation in Odessa was to deteriorate.

Funilly the ancient name of Varna, located as well in the black sea is Odessos so the staff that decided to relocate is not too much disoriented.

Note that two of our male ICU Doctors from the Odessa alarm centre decided to join the front, where their experience can save live… Glory to those heros!